Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Application of Centre of Gravity

Wednesday December 22, 2010 , The Star

Experts: High-decked bus unsuitable for highlands

PETALING JAYA: The bus involved in the horrific accident along the Cameron Highlands-Simpang Pulai road which killed 27 people was to be used only for city tours, not for long-distance travels, especially those involving hilly terrain, experts say. They said high-decked buses were unsuitable for travelling uphill as the centre of gravity was higher, making such vehicles very unstable. The bus can become unstable when going uphill or when travelling at a higher speed. This is especially when drivers negotiate sharp bends,” he said.

He said all the passengers of the ill-fated bus were seated in the upper deck, adding: “This can result in instability and the centre of gravity is out.” The lower deck, he said, was designed as a conference room and was filled with the passengers’ luggage.Asked if such a vehicle was allowed to travel uphill, Dr Wong said: “A high-decked bus is more stable if its centre of gravity is lower.”
This is what you have learn from Form 2 Science lesson:
  • the lower the centre of gravity, the higher the stability of the object.
  • the wider the base area, the higher the stability of the object.

So, never ever board the double decker bus to Genting highlands or Cameron highlands!
Science knowledges really can save lives.

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