My Teacher

Every Child Needs A TEACHER

My greatest teacher of all is HIM. He thought about me long before I was conceived by my parents. It is not fate, nor chance, nor luck, nor coincidence that I am still breathing at this very moment. He took me away from darkness and gave me light. He shown his love to me by sacrificing Himself in order to save me. He loves me first before I turned to HIM and seek His way. He is my wonderful teacher. He teaches me everyday how to live according to His purpose, how to bless others, how to forgive others and how to love others. Whenever I met all kinds of troubles, He was there and ready to help me. It was a great comfort to me when He said,
"Do not be afraid cause I AM with you"

Whenever you are in great desperation,
do not give up your life.
At this very moment, why not you try HIM?
This wonderful Teacher.

Put your hope in HIM