Saturday, January 22, 2011

Former drug addict gives his life to save pastor from drowning

Saturday January 22, 2011 , The Star

KUANTAN: A former drug addict sacrificed himself by jumping into the sea to save another man from his church group who was swept away by high tide during an outing at the popular Teluk Chempedak beach here. The body of Hoh Kun Fatt, 22, from Kampung Baru Ampang, Selangor, was found at 5.11am yesterday near the Hyatt Regency Resort here, about 900m from where he was last seen.

Family and church members mourned the death of Hoh, whose last words were: “Save the others!” Hoh had jumped in to save Pastor Loh Chee Kuang, 38, in the Thursday tragedy. Eyewitness Pastor Chow Kok Min, 42, said Hoh had managed to save himself and hung on to a rock when he spotted Loh submerging – and he jumped right back into the water.

Other group members from Charis Youth Centre, Broga, then dived in and managed to pull Loh to safety, said Chow at the Hospital Tengku Ampuan Afzan mortuary. Hoh was nowhere to be seen as the waves continued to hit the shore.

“We will return to Kuantan to complete our mission after Hoh’s funeral in Kuala Lumpur,” said Chow, adding that Hoh would have wanted them to complete their anti-drug awareness campaign at eight Chinese primary schools here. In Kuala Lumpur, Loh said Hoh had doubled back to save his life even though both of them could not swim. “He managed to push me to the rocks, but another wave hit us and we were dragged back out to the sea,” a visibly upset Loh said at the funeral service in Kampung Baru Ampang last night.

Another church member who was also caught in the waves, Ng Niang Ping, 30, recalled that Hoh had kept pushing him towards the rocks so he could get to safety. Hoh’s sister, Mei Kin, 30, held back tears as she recounted how her deceased brother changed for the better after joining the church.

“It’s heartbreaking to see him gone, especially just when he got his life back on track. We are so proud of him,” she said.

In our society, drug addict is regarded 'sampah masyarakat'. No one really want to befriend with drug addict even their family members deserted them too. Today, we have witnessed ourselves how a drug addict Hoh Kun Fatt changed his life and sacrificed himself to save others. Can anyone here willing to sacrifice himself to save others as Kun Fatt did?

Human judge others by appearance-look, financial status, education background and social status. In human eyes, Kun Fatt is a 'sampah'. God judge us by looking into our heart. In God eyes, Kun Fatt is a wonderful child. I salute you, Kun Fatt.

Physics Form Five: Chapter 1 - Reflection of Water Waves

There are two laws of reflection.
Law 1
The normal and the incident and reflected rays are coplanar. They lie in the same plane.

Law 2
The angle of incidence, i = the angle of reflection, r

Reflection of Circular Wave

Physics Form Five: Chapter 1 - Refraction of Water Waves

  • Refraction, or the bending of the path of the waves, is accompanied by a change in speed and wavelength of the waves.
  • The most significant property of water that would affect the speed of waves traveling on its surface is the depth of the water
  • Water waves travel fastest when the medium is the deepest. Thus, if water waves are passing from deep water into shallow water, they will slow down.
  • This decrease in speed will also be accompanied by a decrease in wavelength.
  • So as water waves are transmitted from deep water into shallow water, the speed decreases, the wavelength decreases, and the direction changes.

Click on the diagram below to play!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Chemistry Form 5: Chapter 1 - Collision Theory

According to the collision theory, particles of reactant that achieve activation energy and collide with correct orientation will result in reaction.

1. Correct Orientation

Click on the diagram below to play!

2. Activation Energy
  • Activation energy is the minimum amount of energy that must be overcome by the colliding particles so that the reaction can occur.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Dog Stays Loyal to Deceased Owner Amid Brazil Flood

Leao, a medium-sized brown mutt, lies next to the grave of her owner, Cristina Maria Cesario Santana, who died in the catastrophic landslides caused by heavy rain. This AFP/Getty picture was taken on Saturday, the second consecutive day that the dog refused to leave the woman's grave at the cemetery in Teresopolis, near Rio de Janiero.

Brazilians are bracing for more rain, fearing more landslides after waves of muddy water swallowed towns in the country's worst flood disaster on record. At least 655 deaths were reported in a mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro state, northeast of the city of Rio.

Dog also understand "human feeling". But, sometimes human themselves do not understand it. Let's we pray peace return in Brazil after the flood disaster.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Form 3 Science: Chapter 2 - Heart

  • Atrium chambers are used to receive blood from blood vessels.
  • Ventricle chambers are used to pump blood from heart to lungs and body.
  • Left atrium receives the oxygenated blood returning from the lungs.
  • Left ventricle has the thickest walls of all. It is from this chamber the blood is pumped out of the heart, into the aorta and out to the rest of the body.
Click the diagram below to play

Animation of heart

If you neglect your heart, then this is the price you have to pay.......coronary artery surgery 

Monday, January 17, 2011

Physics Form 5: Chapter 1 - Barton's Experiment (Resonance)

  • Resonance occurs when the forced frequency of an external agent equals the natural frequency of the oscillating system.
  • When resonance occured, it produces maximum amplitude of vibration.
Resonance can be proved by Barton Pendulum experiment

Resonance causes Tacoma Bridge to collapse

Thursday, January 13, 2011

I Am So Bless

I am very content with what I have. I thank GOD to be my faithful provider. Without HIM, I am dust.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Physics Form Five: Chapter 1 - Wavefront

Wavefront is the continuous line joining all the points at crest or same phase in a wave traveling through a medium.
Plane Waves

Circular Waves

By using wavefront, we can also find the wavelength.

Chemistry Form Five: Chapter 1 - Rate of Reaction

Rate of reaction = change of quantity in reactant or product per unit time.

We usually use water displacement method to collect gas in school laboratory as shown below:

  • The reaction is fastest at the start when the reactants are at a maximum (steepest gradient)
  • The gradient becomes progressively less as reactants are used up and the reaction slows down.
  • Finally the graph levels out when one of the reactants is used up and the reaction stops.
  • The amount of product depends on the amount of reactants used.
  • The initial rate of reaction is obtained by measuring the gradient at the start of the reaction. A tangent line is drawn to measure rate of reaction at instataneous time.

Malaysian Student Done it Again.....

Wow! Malaysian students really 'GENG' in overseas. We already have top student in Australia, UK, and now in Singapore for three consecutive years. Salute you all, Malaysian students.

PETALING JAYA: For the third year in a row, a Malaysian has become a top scorer in the island republic, with Chia Pei Yun scoring 10 A1s in Singapore’s GCE O-level exams.The 16-year-old student of the St Nicholas Girls’ School (SNGS) loves to read, practise handicraft and play the piano.

Chia, from Damansara Utama here, said she was a down-to-earth person and a “normal teenager” who was often on Facebook in her free time. The Asean scholar managed to score As in Mathematics, English, English Literature, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Geology, Huma-nities, Malay and Chinese. According to Chia, she managed to achieve her excellent results through perseverance in revising throughout the year.

“This helped me relax when the exams approached,” she said in a telephone interview. Chia said she was focused and determined in her journey towards achieving the position of top scorer in the GCE O-level exams. “When I am away from home, I miss my family a lot but I do not let my feelings get in the way of my studies,” she added.

According to SNGS principal Chan Wan Siang, Chia was a hardworking girl who was always positive and willing to learn. “Pei Yun loves music and was a level coordinator in the school choir,” she said. Chan is proud at the school’s achievement in having top O-level scorers for three years in a row.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Science Form Three: Chapter 1 - Respiration System

Adaptations of alveoli:
  • The alveoli are one cell thick so that there is a short diffusion pathway for the gases and therefore faster diffusion rate.
  • There are a large amount of alveoli to provide a larger surface area for gas exchange so more eefficient.
  • The alveoli are surrounded by a vast network of capillaries, this increases the surface area of alveoli which are in contact with a capillary and allows for more efficient gas exchange.
  • The alveoli walls are moistened, so gaseous exchange is more efficient through diffusion

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Is This Your New Year Resolution?

Let me translate into English for those who can't read Chinese words.
The girl said, " I want to be a billionaire if every citizen in China give me 10 cents!"

My response to the girl:  "I will become bankrupt if every citizen in Malaysia think like you, asking me to give every 27 million Malaysians 10 cents. "

Come on, there is no free lunch in this world or short cut to success. Every success comes with a price. Start with study first to gain knowledge and skill before you become rich. The world second rich man and most successful investor, Warren Buffett finished reading all the books in his town library at the age of 9. At 80 years old, he still reading a lot of books. How about us?

Study --> Gain knowledge/skill --> Working --> Save Money --> Invest your saving --> Once you are successful, bless others as well.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

PMR 2010 Report

Here is the PMR result of my small group of students. Some of them have followed my entire tuition class from Form 1 to Form 3. To my honest, all of you are wonderful student and I am proud to be your teacher. Thank you so much to be my student. And remember, say a big THANK YOU to your parents whose provide you transportation, time,  financially and emotional support.

Who said you can't score A in PMR
As long as you are willing to learn and eagers for success, you can do it!
Come on, prove again in SPM
You can score A in Physics, Chemistry, Additional Maths, Biology,
Once again.

Saya hanya menumpang gembira atas kejayaan kamu!