Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chemistry Form 4: Chapter 7 - Titration Method

The technique of titration is used to find out accurately how much of a chemical substance is dissolved in a given volume of a solution, that is, the concentration of the solution.

The technique uses a set of apparatus with which volumes of solutions can be measured to an accuracy of greater than 0.1 cm3. Three important pieces of apparatus are:
  • Burette - Measures accurately the volume of a solution added. Readings can be taken to an accuracy of half a division.
  • Pipette - Delivers an accurate volume of a solution. Often this is 25 cm3.
  • Volumetric flask - Used to make up an accurate volume of a solution, for example, 250 cm3. This could be a standard solution (of exactly known concentration and known solute). 


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    Name the apparatus used by the laboratory assistant to obtain a very accurate solution?