Monday, August 9, 2010

Life Long Learning....

Wow! I really salute this retired HM's determination and hard work to complete his studies in law. Even at this age of 62, it is not an easy subject to learn cause learning law needs a powerful memory. Really tabik you......! I wish I could be like him to pursue my dream to become doctor one day. This dream has been planted in my mind when I was in Form Four, but to my dismay, I failed to realize it. Now, I become doctor in healing student's result. Ha..ha...ha....What a wonderful job? Doctor earns big buck of money but teacher only earns peanut. Furthermore, people around you respect doctors more than teachers.


When I retire one day, I doubt whether my eyes still can function properly or not to operate patient's organ. I think I better drop this pursuit and find another area to work for. Any suggestion from you........ I want to be like him(retired HM) to pursue knowledge until my last breath. 

Please Read the true story below:

Saturday August 7, 2010, The Star

Retired HM called to the Bar

KUALA LUMPUR: Yap Mia Lee has been an educator for more than three decades and his word was the law in the Chinese primary school where he was headmaster. After retirement, he decided to study law.He was one of two retirees who were called to the Malaysian Bar yesterday.

Yap, 62, and S. Jayaram, 59, were admitted as advocates and solicitors of the High Court of Malaya after successfully completing their law degrees, certificates in legal practice (CLP) and chambering.For Yap, who has been in education for 34 years, it was a case of following his daughter Hsu Lyn’s footsteps in becoming a lawyer.Even better, their roles were reversed when he did his chambering at her firm here, and his 36-year-old daughter became his pupil master.

“After I retired in 2004, I decided to take up law to keep my mind active and to keep myself busy. I am really happy and excited,” said Yap.
His whole family turned up for the occasion and his wife Su See Kek, 62, said she was “very proud of him”.

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