Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Not everyone can manage HUGE MONEY!

Monday August 9, 2010, The Star

Man torches self after ‘burning’ lottery win

A VEGETABLE farmer who lived a life of luxury after winning almost RM1mil in a lottery five years ago torched himself when his “pot of gold” became empty.The 63-year-old from Serian, Sarawak, known only as Khoo, was reported to have dug a “grave” at the back of his house before splashing petrol on his body and lighting it, reported Berita Minggu.

The man had won more than RM750,000 five years ago and then reportedly spent up to RM1,800 on a single bet over the years, hoping to strike it big again, the weekly said. Serian OCPD Deputy Supt Jamali Umi said the police have classified the case as sudden death.

He said the victim’s nephew had found the man dead in the hole. A relative, who declined to be named, said Khoo, who never married, had stopped cultivating his farm upon winning the lottery and had spent the money on a new house and several vacations. But with no new winnings, the barrel soon became empty.
What will you do when you had won RM 750,000 lottery? From the news you have read above, human greediness for money has taken the life of this old man. It is meaningless when someone lost his life for the love of money. When you are born into this world, you came empty-handed. Likewise, when you leave this world, you also go empty-handed and furthermore, you will have to face God's judgement for what you have done in the world.

Money is just a human creation tool to survive in this world. Do not get me wrong! Money is not an evil but the love for money is the root of all evil. If you love money more than God, evil will come and destroy your life. At the end, you have to answer to God. God is a faithful provider and He will bless you abundantly if you are obedient in His eyes. God will also make some of you rich according to His purpose. But not everyone will become rich because not everyone can handle and manage huge money well. Let me describe money as a very sharp sword. If you cannot handle the sword efficiently, the sword might one day hurt and harm you terribly, just like what happened to this old man. Being rich is meaningless if you do not know how to use your wealth to bless others.

"Money will buy you a bed but not sleeps, books but not brains, food but not appetite, medicine but not health, luxury but not culture, amusement but not happiness, a crucifix but not a Saviour!"

Love for $$$ = Root of all evil
Be obedient to God = Abundant Blessing

You cannot serve two masters!
You have to choose either one!

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