Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Science: Pregnancy and Foetal Development

Every human being begins life as a single cell, formed when father's sperm fertilises mother's egg. Fertilisation normally takes place in the mother's Fallopian tube, which connects the uterus (womb) with the ovary.
When fertilisation is completed and the nuclei of egg and sperm have combined, a new being comes into existence and is capable of further development, marks the beginning of the human lifespan.

  • placenta - a temporary organ within the uterus which transfers nourishment and oxygen from the mother, removes waste products from the baby through diffusion process.

  • amniotic fluid - protects the developing baby by cushioning against blows to the mother's abdomen, allows for easier fetal movement, promotes muscular/skeletal development, and helps protect the fetus from heat loss.

  • umblical cord - to carry nourishment and oxygen from the placenta to foetus and return waste products to the placenta from the foetus.

After witnessing the animation video, we know that there is a life created by God. Therefore, 
Abortion = Murder = Sinful Act

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