Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Facebook gaining popularity becoming suicide note

MALACCA: Seventeen-year-old Sally Lee Qian Chun (pic) posted disturbing online comments several days ago about wanting to end her life.

Yesterday morning, her classmates at SMK Seri Kota in Ayer Leleh watched in horror as she fell from the second floor of the school and died from head injuries. In the 9.15am tragedy, Sally Lee Qian Chun, a Form 5 student, abruptly walked out during the Chemistry lesson in the laboratory on the first floor and went to her classroom a floor above.

On Sunday night, at around 11.07pm, Lee lamented on her Facebook of a failed relationship and broken promises while reiterating her desire to take her own life. Her remarks drew some taunts and dares from her online friends. Some commentators even asked her to go ahead with what she wanted to do. In her last posting at 3.45pm on Monday, Lee reminded her friends to keep their promises of buying her a teddy bear and coffin. She also told them not to miss her when she was gone and to take care of themselves


Last December, a 22-year-old man, Alviss Kong took his own life after another failed relationship. He posted, also on Facebook, a 45-minute countdown to his suicide. The youth jumped from the 14th floor of an apartment block in Cheras.

It was reported that the man became depressed after his girlfriend of four months broke up with him.

Depression have become number one disease in the world. Loneliness and emptiness surrounding our heart, leads us to make a foolish decision. Committing suicide is the only way to solve problems in nowadays generation. The devil has succeeded his plan. Do you know that committing suicide is a sinful act? You have to pay a hefty price eternally for doing suicide.

I pray to the Lord that my student will not succumb to this idea of commit suicide whenever they meet unsolved problems. I pray that they will seek HIM, my wonderful teacher to get divine help. Nothing is impossible in God's eyes. Seek HIM faithfully and you will not thirsty again. Your heart is full of joy and peace. Believe me!......If not, try HIM.

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