Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chemistry Form 4: Chapter 2 - Bohr's Atomic Model

Neils Bohr was born on October 7, 1885 in Copenhagen, Denmark. In 1922 he won the Nobel  prize for physics. Bohr was a professor at the unoversity of Copenhagen. Neils Bohr produced a theory about the structure of an atom based on Rutheford's Plum Pudding model. Bohr discovered that the electrons travel in orbits. Outer orbits could hold more electrons than the inner orbits. He suggested that when an electron jumps from an outer orbit to an inner orbit it emits light which called photon.

This model was created by Neils Bohr in 1915. In the center is the nucleus which is composed of protons and neutrons. It is orbited by electrons. The nucleus is about 100,000 times smaller than the radius of the atom.

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