Monday, September 27, 2010

Namewee......I am Who I am

Aku Tetap Aku
I am Who I am

After I listening to his latest song, I found out that there was a deep reflection in his life. We grow up and learn to become a better person by reflecting our mistake in our life. Nobody is perfect include teacher. Let us learn how to  forgive and respect each other.

我有我自己的夢 自己會走
Aku akan berusaha mencapai impian ku sendiri
I have my own dream I will keep going

walaupun sunyi
Even it’s a lonely path

請原諒我的衝動 我會好好過
Maafkan impuls aku, aku akan hidup dengan baik-baik
Please forgive me for being impulsive, I will be fine

(percayalah, aku tetap aku)
Believe me I am still who I am

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