Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Beyond my description...!

MPV means multi-purpose vehicle which can accommodate 8 passengers such as Toyata Innova. Smaller MPV car such as Perodua Alza and Nissan Grand Livina only can accommodate 6 to 7 passengers. But, there is one vehicle in China that really amazed me. When someone being pushed to the limit of poverty, somehow our brain starts to work and think critically how to solve immediate problems. Something impossible will become possible.

If we are determine to do something, there is always a way out. I couldn't believe if  I don't see it myself that this man can carry so many passengers with his motorbike and how confidently he rode on the road. This new MPV clearly the winner of all MPV cars in terms of number of passenger can be carried.
Count yourself, how many passengers on board? are correct. It is 9. Oh my God, a motorbike with 1 rider and 8 pillion passengers.

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