Saturday, August 27, 2011

Logos Hope Docked at Penang

Vision and Purpose: 
Bringing Knowledge The Book Fair onboard LogosII
Over 40 million people in 158 different countries have walked up the Ships gangway to visit one of our ships' floating book fairs. For many, it is their first ever opportunity to purchase good quality literature at a fraction of its retail value. Many people without the means to study have learnt vital skills and been able to enhance their lives through a purchase from over 6,000 available titles, including books for studies, professional and career interests, individual development and personal growth.
Cultural variety abounds with over 40 nations meeting on board. For visitors, opportunities to meet crew provide insights into the wider world, while interactive programmes offer fresh perspectives on living in a multi-cultural society. For volunteer crew, time on board the ships provides a chance to experience countries and cultures for themselves, as well as opportunities to learn valuable skills for the future.

Bringing Help
In a Hospital in PNG Sailing from port to port, crew experience the needs of the world first-hand. Being in a position to help – whether by donating supplies, building a house, or offering a listening ear – is both a privilege and a responsibility. The ships seek to bring aid and relief in situations of particular need as a practical demonstration of God’s love for mankind. Coupled with their promotion of education, this approach aims not only to alleviate immediate needs, but also to bring long-term change in each community.

Bringing Hope
Children in East Timor Every person has a inbuilt need for hope and purpose in life. Our volunteer crew seeks to bring new hope by their service on board as a community focused on the needs of others. They offer hope through their actions and their interaction with others. Every crewmember has a story to tell of a transformation in their personal life that has given them hope and purpose.

Come and visit the world's largest floating book fair in Penang

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