Saturday, August 6, 2011

Graduate Picks Former Teacher for University Grant

The Star Newspaper
GEORGE TOWN: A teacher's hard work did not go unnoticed by a former student who nominated her for a S$5,000 (RM12,300) grant from the Nanyang Techno-logical University, Singapore.

Chung Ling High School teacher Tan Lon Eng was nominated by Goh Lam Chye, 23, who was asked by the university's School of Humanities and Social Sciences to name two educators who had played important roles in guiding students, for the grant.
The grant allows Tan to choose a student from Chung Ling who will be given the opportunity to pursue studies at the university.

Goh, who recently graduated from the university, was chosen to select a candidate due to his academic achievement and active participation in co-curricular activities. “I feel honoured to be chosen as the university awarded the grants to only 22 students, including two other Malaysians. “I have decided to name the grant after Tan, who was my former teacher, in appreciation of her help,” Goh said here.

“It feels good to be able to help the juniors at my alma mater pursue their studies,” he said. Tan said she would name a student next year. “I need time to observe and choose the right candidate for the grant,” said Tan.
Malaysian higher learning institutions should emulate the Singapore way in honouring the outstanding students and teachers. In my opinion, this recognition from Nanyang Technological University to Cikgu Tan from Chung Ling High School is better than our own Anugerah Perkhidmatan Cemerlang, APC to school teachers. Sometimes the APC is awarded based on seniority, preference and racial quota.

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