Thursday, November 10, 2011

Physics Form 4: Chapter 5 - Application of Concave Mirror

Commonly, concave mirror can be used as a reflector and enlargement mirror.

A) As a enlargement mirror
  • When the object is placed less than the focal length of a concave mirror, a larger, upright and virtual image is formed.

Dental Mirror
Make-up Mirror

Shaving Mirror

 B) As a reflector
  • When the object is placed at the focal point of a concave mirror, the reflected light rays are parallel and able to produce a strong beam of light.

 Car Headlight

Concave reflectors are used in car headlights. The bulb of the head light is placed at the focal point of the reflector. The reflected light emerges in a parallel beam and gives more concentrated visibility to the driver at night.


Parabolic Dish

Concave mirrors are used in solar powered gadgets. The parallel rays of the sun are reflected to focus at the focal point F. The solar energy concentrated at F is then used  or converted (for example into electrical energy by a solar cell) by the gadget

Look at the mirror! A shinny and smooth surfaced mirror act as a good reflector

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