Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Physics Form 5: Chapter 2 - Current and Potential Difference

  • Current is the rate of flow of charge.
  • The flow of current is due to the flow of electrons in conductor.
  • Direction of current flow is opposite to the direction of electron flow.

  •  Potential difference is the work done to flow one unit of charge from one point to another point.
  • Unit of potential difference is volt.

 Consider the task of moving a charge within a uniform electric field from location A to location B. In moving the charge against the electric field from location A to location B, work will have to be done on the charge by an external force. The work done on the charge changes its potential energy to a higher value; and the amount of work that is done is equal to the change in the potential energy. As a result of this change in potential energy, there is also a difference in electric potential between locations A and B. This difference in electric potential is  formally referred to as the electric potential difference

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