Friday, April 1, 2011

Chemistry Form 5: Chapter 2 - Carboxylic Acid

  • Carboxylic acids are organic compounds which form an homologous series with the general formula of CnH2n+1COOH.
  • Carboxylic acids are compounds which contain a -COOH functional group. 
  • Carboxylic acids are weak acid which ionize partially in water to produce lower concentration of hydrogen ions compare to strong acid. 

FormulaCommon NameSourceIUPAC Name

HCO2Hformic acidants (L. formica)methanoic acid

CH3CO2Hacetic acid vinegar (L. acetum)ethanoic acid

CH3CH2CO2Hpropionic acidmilk (Gk. protus prion)propanoic acid

CH3(CH2)2CO2H butyric acidbutter (L. butyrum)butanoic acid

CH3(CH2)3CO2H valeric acidvalerian rootpentanoic acid

CH3(CH2)4CO2H caproic acidgoats (L. caper)hexanoic acid

CH3(CH2)5CO2H enanthic acidvines (Gk. oenanthe)heptanoic acid

CH3(CH2)6CO2H caprylic acidgoats (L. caper)octanoic acid

CH3(CH2)7CO2H pelargonic acidpelargonium (an herb)nonanoic acid

CH3(CH2)8CO2H capric acidgoats (L. caper)decanoic acid

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