Sunday, April 10, 2011

Physics Form 5: Chapter 3 - Electromagnetism

  • Electromagnetism is produced when an electrical current flows through a conductor.
  • A small magnetic field is created around the conductor with the direction of this magnetic field with regards to its "North" and "South" poles being determined by the direction of the current flowing through the conductor
Magnetic field produced by a single wire:


Magnetic field produced by a loop:

Magnetic field by a solenoid

By using right-hand grip, north or south pole can be determined.



When current is passed through a solenoid, it act as a bar magnet!


Anonymous said...

A compass is used to indicate the pattern of magnetic field lines. Which direction will the needle of the compass points when it is not on the magnetic field lines?

Unknown said...

If the compass is not near to the conductor carrying current, then the needle of the compass will always point to the North side of Earth's magnetic field lines.

henisrapel3pjfen said...

Can eight 1.5 V cells connected in series start a car engine? explain your answer.

Anonymous said...

can u post and explain about the question-If a plotting compass put horizontally beside the current carrying straight wire conductor which is also horizontally located, and exp.the flow of current is to the left hand side...wat is the direction showed by the plotting compass at any specifically side?