Thursday, April 7, 2011

Chemistry Form 5: Chapter 2 - Esterification

Esterification is a chemical reaction between carboxylic acid combines with an alcohol in the presence of a catalyst (commonly concentrated sulphuric acid) to form an ester.

Examples of Esters

  • methyl butanoate (apple) :
    methanol+ butanoic acid methyl butanoate (ester) + water
    CH3OH+ C3H7COOH C3H7COOCH3 (ester) + H2O
  • ethyl methanoate (rum essence) :
    ethanol+ methanoic acid ethyl methanoate (ester) + water
    C2H5OH+ HCOOH HCOOC2H5 (ester) + H2O
  • ethyl butanoate (pineapple) :
    ethanol+ butanoic acid ethyl butanoate (ester) + water
    C2H5OH+ C3H7COOH C3H7COOC2H5 (ester) + H2O
  • pentyl ethanoate (banana) :
    pentanol+ ethanoic acid pentyl ethanoate (ester) + water
    C5H11OH+ CH3COOH CH3COOC5H11 (ester) + H2O
  • pentyl butanoate (apricot) :
    pentanol+ butanoic acid pentyl butanoate (ester) + water
    C5H11OH+ C3H7COOH C3H7COOC5H11 (ester) + H2O
  • octyl butanoate (orange) :
    octanol+ butanoic acid octyl butanoate (ester) + water
    C8H17OH+ C3H7COOH C3H7COOC8H17 (ester) + H2O
  • methyl ethanoate (solvent) :
    methanol+ ethanoic acid methyl ethanoate (ester) + water
    CH3OH+ CH3COOH CH3COOCH3 (ester) + H2O
  • ethyl ethanoate (solvent) :
    ethanol+ ethanoic acid ethyl ethanoate (ester) + water
    C2H5OH+ CH3COOH CH3COOC2H5 (ester) + H2O

Esterification by refluxing

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