Sunday, October 16, 2011

Physics Form 4: Chapter 5 - Introduction to Curved Mirror

Concave Mirror

Convex Mirror

  • Principal axis is the line through the centre of curvature and the pole of the mirror.
  • Pole is the point where principal axis meets with mirror surface.
  • Centre of curvature is the centre of sphere that the mirror forms part.
  • Radius of curvature (r) is the radius of sphere.
  • Principal focus is the point to which all rays parallel to the principal axis converge or from which they appear diverge.
  • Focal length (f) is the distance between the pole and the principal focus.
  • Parallel reflected rays converge at focal point.
  • Real focus since the reflected rays actually pass through it.
  • Parallel reflected rays appear to diverge from focal point.
  • Virtual focus since the reflected rays do not pass through it.


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