Friday, October 7, 2011

Physics Form 5: Chapter 5 - Nuclear Power Plant

  • Uranium-235 is used as a nuclear fuel at nuclear reactor. In nuclear fission, a lot of heat will be produced.
  • The moderators graphite stand are made of carbon blocks with small holes used to slow down the motion of neutrons. Thus, the rate of nuclear fission can be controlled.
  • The boron and cadmium rods are used as control rods to absorb some of the secondary neutrons.
  • Carbon dioxide or water is used as a cooling agent in the nuclear reactor to remove the heat of reaction to make steam for turbine generator. This produces steam as heat carrier.
  • The lead and concrete shielding wall prevents the escape of radioactive rays from the nuclear reactor.
 Click on the diagram below to play!

    1. Nuclear fission of uranium-235 produces a large amount of heat energy at the nuclear reactor.
    2. This heat energy is used to boil water and change it into steam at a high temperature and pressure.
    3. This steam turns the turbine. The used steam goes to a condenser where it is condensed into water which is then returned to the reactor for use again.
    4. The turbine spins the dynamo in the generator to produce electricity which is then transmitted by cables to consumers.

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