Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Octopus striked again.....All 8 World Cup matches predicted correctly!

Spain won the final World Cup, a lot of people lost their bet when they picked Spain in 90 minutes match, bookies raked in millions of profit and I think the biggest winner in this version of World Cup is most probably goes to OCTOPUS. The sotong now become the most famous animal in the world. Thanks to the 2010 World Cup. Behind the scene, I believe the owner of this famous sotong can now laughing all the way to bank. Read the news below:

         $4 Million p.a. Package on Offer
NEW YORK, NEW YORK–Top US Investment Bank Goldman Sachs is said to be offering a US$4 million per year package for the Paul the Oracle Octopus to head up its proprietary trading book.Goldman will convert part of its trading floor in its New York Headquarters into a fish tank for Paul and put boxes representing different markets, stocks, indices, equities and bonds for Paul to choose from. They hope this will translate into more profitable business from them. Paul will work closely with the Head of Global Strategy to recommend asset allocation strategies.Also the rounds is a rumour that Merrill Lynch are bidding for Paul to replace their entire research team.

You have learnt probability in mathematics. So, what are the chances for Octopus to predict all 8 matches correctly. There are 3 possibilities in a soccer match:- win, lose or draw. To win the match, the probability is 1/3. Therefore, to win all 8 matches, the probability = 1/3 x 1/3 x1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 x 1/3 = 1/ 6561= 0.01524%.

The owner of this sotong is a smart person. Before the Euro Cup and World Cup, this sotong was worth a few hundred dollars. He publicised and highlighted all the Octopus's predictions through media of electronics to attract crowd. There is nothing to lose for the owner if the Octopus predicts wrongly. The scenario will change if the Octopus successfully predicts correct for 8 matches eventhough the probability is very small. Now, you can witness yourself that the Octopus is worth millions of dollars! In future, this sotong may be kept in an aquarium at muzium to attract tourist or to be used to choose which stock, equity or bond to buy. They will manipulate this sotong to make more money from you. Think about it! If the sotong can choose a stock behalf of you, then we don't need to learn share fundamental value at all. Come on,.......there is no free lunch in this world.

My dear students, beware of this belief! The world is full of deception and manipulation for financial gains. These greed bookies and businessmans will go all out to deceive you into believe in that the sotong can help you. Do not be deceived by them but study hard and learn diligently throughout your life to become a wise man. If all of your efforts and works are God-centered, HE will surely grant you a victory in your life according to HIS plan.

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