Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Endurance + Determination + Perseverance + Courage = Victory

Last Sunday, I was so rush to Gurney Plaza after Add Maths tuition to give moral support to my ex-student who participating in Mr Penang competition. I am so proud of his success to clinch 2nd spot in junior category. He succeeded in his childhood dream to become a body builder. Before he won this competition, he got consolation prize of last year Mr. Penang competition. Despite of the last year lesser prize, he continues his effort in fulfilling his dream without giving up. Look at his body from the picture! It tells all the stories of effort, endurance, determination, perseverance and courage he has to undergo during training and preparation for this competition. Whether he realizes or not, he learn these great values during schoolhood time.

I still can remember vividly of his plump size and fat belly around his waist when he was my student in 2005. He was not a bright student in his school. Nevertheless, he will do and finish all my Add Maths and Chemistry homeworks assigned to him. He didn't attend any tuition class except I gave 2 hours tuition for his Chemistry and Add Maths subject per week. Sometimes, he will seek my help to solve his Physics questions. He will do his own revision. He has nurtured a right attitudes to success throughout the lesson. To my expectation, he scored A in Chemistry, Add Maths, Physics and Modern Maths in SPM 2007. Later on, he also managed to sail through STPM without attending any tuition class. I attribute his success to his right attitudes.

My dear students, I hope that you could emulate his attitude. The process of study throughout 13 years in school can  help you to nurture these values. Whenever you encounter troubles or trials, do not give up but accept and face it. Through adversity, you are able to learn endurance, determination, perseverance and courage in order to make you more mature and complete person. Then, you will able to attain victory in your life.

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